dancing with a spider


each morning I arise
to find her hanging over me
pausing to be seen
before she disappears

tangled in the web
she's spinning all around me
sticking, clinging,
attaching me to her

a beauty by design 
a glance is mesmerizing
inviting you to linger
with her shape and curves

longing to have you nearer
for preservation, safekeeping
she'll cover you with love
life's worries drain away

for now i'll keep my distance
sidestepping the entanglements
skillfully gliding toward her
then pivot to evade

ensnared by the rhythm
swayed by her movements
caught up in the moment
closer, closer


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  1. Nice metaphor for temptation, if that was your meaning….


  2. actually i like spiders! and i like your tender poem also…you see , ancient greeks , my ancestors believed that spider, (in our language she was called Araxni, that means the same as spider) was a beautiful woman that godess Athena transformed into this little animal because she dared to make fun of them…ans say that she was weaved better than godess Athena…Here is the Myth is you like to read it..you brought back this myth to my mind with your poem today…! 🙂


  3. This is beautiful! I am petrified of spiders, but the allurement is captivating!


  4. I love the way you generated a sense of allurement in this poem. Nice work. I’ll keeping an eye on your posts.


  5. Very beautifully captured, Brian! Thanks for sharing.


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