Like a Dog with a Bone


Our Siberian Husky is an interesting pooch.  Today, while I was doing Vespers (evening prayers), I gave him and our Golden Retriever a rawhide bone to chew.

The Golden went right to work oblivious to the world. The snack was her’s for the taking and she was lost in the joyous moment.

The Husky on the other hand took the bone and strategically placed himself between it and the Golden. His weary eye always making sure no one was going to steal his treasure. No pleasure, no satisfying taste, just suspicion and protection.

People can be this way at times. The good things we’ve labored for, the unearned blessings that come our way are zealously guarded, kept from others for fear what’s valued will be lost.

Isn’t life meant to be shared? The greatest joy found when everyone partakes of goodness? Are the wonders of existence only for a select few?

There is more than enough to go around. Trust that when you give it will also be given to you.

letting it go and spreading it around,


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  1. Wow! So much to look at here and think about. I love this post. I can picture the dog doing that. We have 4 and one is just like that. She guarded a donut for an entire day before eating it. Good word, thanks, and thanks for liking a post of mine.


  2. Amen!


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