weight of the world on your shoulders 
face weary, worn, a scale 
callused hands squeezed of every ounce
a well-worn path to your door

a broad back that's overloaded 
strong arms grappling to hold
sure, steady feet need balance
a new task placed just so 

one more flame to extinguish
another need shadows the daylight 
the candle shines at both ends
your ears forever burning

back aches and twisted 
hips flex, tendons stretch 
pulled in everyone's direction
ruptured lives if you snap

the one on whom they lean
a foundation which to build
the cornerstone of other people's lives
if you crumble who picks up the pieces

a look into those weary eyes
a glance at trembling knees
the sight of shoulders giving way
rest my friend, you've done enough


About is a place for sojourners walking this spiritual path called life. - Essentialist, contemplative, author, advocate, old soul

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