"how you've healed so quickly" is what he often hears
deep wounds on the mend in what is record time
smiling, "just that lucky" is what he'll often quip
the pain he seems to give such little mind

the spring in his step quite bouncy
his whistling fills the air
why help to shoulder the burden
he's casted all his cares

salutations to his neighbors, friends along the way
indicators on the outside, seems to be okay
he ambles down the sidewalk pausing to check the mail
even smells the flowers, it's been a lovely day

his door he lightly opens, slowly closing it behind
crumples to the floor, clutching photos he will lie
until the long night passes and comes again the sun
somehow he'll keep pretending that life carries on


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  1. Powerful good, Brian. Moving, instructive, and gently crafted.


  2. It may get “better” but it never gets BETTER. I think not til heaven, anyway.
    But hey, that’s what Jesus is for.


  3. reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and this music video, which was made to promote the movie anyways, awesome poem Brian!


  4. Whatever it takes to get through the day and on the next I guess…


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