When Life Gives You a Smack!

Whale “Smacks” Diver Who Gets Too Close

Are you wondering what this week is going to bring? On a Monday, a fresh start, a new thing, opportunities and obstacles await.


There are many ways of getting smacked! We can get smacked upside the head because we did something we wish we could undo. We can be jarred awake by a good smack when we’re sleepwalking through life. A nice smack (smooch) by a loved one can make our day.

When it comes to the trail of lifeyou never know what’s waiting around the bend to smack you in the face!”

Life is unpredictable. We know this to be true yet most times its surprises, surprise us.

The only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us.” -F.L. Rochefoucauld

Woman Who has Her Wallet Stolen Gives Thief an Incredible Surprise



Awesome response from a lady surprised by having her wallet stolen. Would this have been our first response? Anger maybe, confusion certainly, but compassion? An act of kindness?

Wisdom tells us the key to handling the smacks and surprises is letting them go, not grasping onto what has happened, what we thought should happen, or wished would’ve happened. This lady didn’t hold onto her surprise, anger or money. She used the twists and turns to help someone in need.

Are we willing to do the same with whatever the path brings our way this week? Approaching each moment with open hands willing to accept the “smacks” with grace, see every moment with the potential of being used for something greater?

How we see life makes all the difference. If each unexpected twist is an opportunity to love, show kindness, increase mindfulness, grow in wisdom then no event, no matter how tragic and wicked is labeled as having “no rhyme or reason.”

Life cannot be controlled but it is in our ability to receive and respond with clarity and purpose. In the surprises we discover who we truly are becoming.

turning the corner,


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  1. LOL…this is great! Have a blessed day! Queen Of Hearts


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