On Closer Examination…


A few years ago I took a flight out of the Nashville, TN International Airport to Des Moines, Iowa. It was a few years after 9/11 when stricter rules for what a passenger could and could not carry had been implemented. Not being a big fan of heights or small spaces, airplane travel is up there with going to the dentist (see Decisions & Dentistry) on my list of things I’d rather not do so I was unaware of proper and improper items to have on my person.


On a keychain was a small Swiss Army knife. When the agent asked me to empty my pockets and spied this “weapon” he informed me it had to stay behind. When I returned from Iowa I forgot to stop by the airport security office and reclaim it.

If you’ve ever wondered what happens to all the knives, shampoo, toothpaste, toenail clippers, etc. collected by the TSA, check out this Mental Floss article.

I don’t recall where the small keychain knife came from but it did come in handy a few times for trimming fingernails or opening a bag chips. However, after it was taken away, I never missed it and never bought a new one.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were LSA “life search agents” who would do regular examinations to look for things which could be harmful to us and others? Inform us of things unsafe for travel? Maybe they’d spot habits, dispositions, judgements, other personality traits which shouldn’t make the journey.  

Perhaps, at one time, these “carry-ons” helped us survive a tough childhood, a bad marriage, or other difficult times in life, but now are no longer needed.

Mindfulness and wisdom can help us look closely at the baggage we cling to and show us what items should be left behind.

You should examine yourself daily. If you find faults, you should correct them. When you find none, you should try even harder.” Xi Zhi



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  1. I always appreciate your thoughts…this is a great one!


  2. Oh, I love this. Yes, I could use that LSA service for life, definitely. Also loved Xi Zhi’s cautionary quote.


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