A Guinea Fowl & the Gift of Now


This morning I committed an act of animal cruelty,…at least, that’s what my Siberian Husky, ‘Trooper’ might say. 

Somewhere near my house, someone has a Guinea Fowl they cannot keep corralled and this loud, obnoxious, frantic, bird has decided when it escapes it needs to come to my house, zig zagging in my front yard and scream at the top of its ample lungs.

Last week was its first visit to the B&B Homestead, documented here. This morning I heard its primal call and went to investigate. Taking Trooper with me we walked onto the front porch and there it was meandering aimlessly. The Husky knew what it needed to do and took off in a flash! “No!” I said, and he stopped on the edge of the steps. “Watch, don’t eat!” Sitting, he “eagle-eyed” the fowl as it rumbled, bumbled, stumbled around bushes all the while chortling.

At first I was looking at the Guinea Fowl and then I began staring at Trooper. He was literally shaking with anticipation, muscles flexing, mouth panting, quivering with the desire to give chase! It was all he wanted, all he cared about, it was mindfulness in action. Nothing but the present moment, all other thoughts and considerations put aside.

I have perused several articles today regarding Gray Thursday and Black Friday Sales. One was titled, Holiday Shopping Begins as Thanksgiving Turkey Cooks. One CEO said; “Ultimately, …we have to get (the shoppers) attention.” A telling confession.

As I read this I wondered how many family’s focus are divided today between where they are presently and where they’ll be later this evening or early tomorrow morning. A lady is quoted; “This will become our new family tradition, as we get older, all of my children will probably camp out with me.”

I wonder, “How can she know what the future holds, for her, her children, her family?”

Where are you? Here.

What time is it? Now.

What are You? This moment.” -Socrates

Back to the Guinea Fowl, after a few minutes, it flew away and Trooper was ready to go inside. He never got to chase it, catch it, scatter its feather to the winds but for a while it was everything. The gift wasn’t the bird it was the moment.

Today, like everyday, is filled with moments never to repeat. A day to revel in gratitude, not for what we might have, might experience, get our hands on, possess, but in what we have presently.

A divided heart, distracted attention, an addled mind robs us of the only true gift we have, the gift of now.

“All Is Gift Everything is gift. The degree to which we are awake to this truth is the measure of our gratefulness. And gratefulness is the measure of our aliveness. Are we not dead to whatever we take for granted? Surely to be numb is to be dead.”   David Steindl-Rast



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  1. All we have is this moment and……oops! there it went.


  2. Reblogged this on nottherethen and commented:
    A Guinea Fowl and the gift of now


  3. Enjoyed this post – animals are a wonderful and very present example of living in the now. Not so sure about the guinea fowl …….must have been dreaming of a future bird heaven not to notice Trooper…


  4. Hello. Just in case you’ve not noticed it in the reader I’ve nominated you for the versatile blogger award because I love your blog!


  5. If you cannot be the Poet, be the Poem. -David Carradine Somehow, we must try to connect to the now, by whatever means, it is All.


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