Theology of the Poor

Theology of the Poor

A Poem by Steve Austin

A crinkled can, my china,

Crumbled newspaper, my linen napkin,

Your pasteboard box, my castle,

Your tattered overalls, my three-piece suit.


A crinkled eyebrow, the usual,

And upturned nose, quite the common greeting,

Your pointed finger, the most attention I get,

Your jeers and mocking, the kindest words I hear.


I sit in this alley, alienated,

I, the spider, dangling upon my final string,

Preparing myself for the destiny which awaits me,

A drop into the sea of hopelessness, to which I am so accustomed.


The people of old hoped only for Peter’s shadow,

As a cure-all for their ailments,

And you, sons of Peter, that is all you grant me,

Only a glimpse of your sickening shadow.


Mother Theresa has died,

And Brother Bryan too,

But in this world,

There is always another you.


Will you pray,

Will you hope,

Will you care,

And help me cope?

Steve Austin is the creator of, a full-time sign language interpreter, former worship and youth pastor, former radio host, a photographer, and a coffee addict.  Steve believes that the wonderfully messy grace of God knows no bounds and never runs out of patience.  He is a firm believer that redemption is immediate but restoration is a patient process.  Steve lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife Lindsey and their little boy, Ben Thomas (Ben’s little sister will arrive in early April 2014).
Questions or comments?  Email Steve at
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Posted on December 26, 2013, in Mindfulness. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Such inequity is part of human depravity. The unregenerate world has a valid excuse for ignoring others’ needs, but the church does not. We say, “Someone else will help; I have no time(or resources) to bother with it.” When the church shows God’s love to those without love, we will finish “turning the world upside down.”


  2. Brian, I believe too that God’s grace is always extended to any and all and that it actually is the source for all being. My belief is that God is pure and unconditionally love.
    Happy Holidays, I pray for all
    ~ Eric


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