Taking a Big Toll


Okay, I must admit it, I have stood behind someone in a grocery store or in a line at Walmart and counted their items. I’m not proud of myself but they say recovery starts with confession.

Something in this gentleman snapped! Being 73 years old I would imagine there have been many times in his life where he stood behind a young whippersnapper who didn’t care they had too many items to be in the express lane.

As trivial a reason as 22 items instead of the suggested 20 for going to jail is, I believe the extra 2 we’re symbolic of much more. It’s the little things, after all, that get to us.

When the big problems come we dig deeper, find the strength and courage to do what needs to be done. Bearing up under great difficulty and hardship is sometimes easier than dealing with life’s everyday, ordinary, never ceasing nuisances.

If we aren’t mindful, at peace, possessing an inner stillness, sooner or later all of the aggravating, little annoyances, take a big toll.


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  1. You’re absolutely right, Brian. It’s the little annoyances that catch us off guard. But what’s behind those annoyances? EXPECTATIONS! When we expect others to do good, to give us a break, to part before us like the Red Sea, we’re going to get annoyed. We can expect only God to be faithful, to do the right thing. If we crucify all other expectations—even those of God to do what we want—we’ll take those inevitable annoyances in our stride.


  2. I have been in a department store where, when the express lane is not busy, a manager will direct one to use the lane no matter what is in the cart. On occasion, I have been the recipient of such luck, although maybe I should decline the “honor” in the future? (Maybe I will use my daughter as a lookout! lol)


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