Fooling Anyone?


It’s almost always the little things that give us away, tell on us, blab our secrets to the world and often at the most inconvenient times.

I wish we could capture the way we see ourselves in a photograph and the way others see us in another and then compare the two. Actually, it would probably be hundreds or thousands because different people see us differently.

Holding our picture and the other snapshots, looking at them, realizing we weren’t fooling anyone as much as we’d think or like, would we have the courage to ask; “what gave me away? what were my tells? what about me dispelled the illusion I was trying to cast?” We might be shocked by the answers.

We spend so much time trying to appear as something other than ourselves. Often we listen to inner and outer voices as they suggest, “maybe don’t do this, hide that side, avoid this behavior, hold back, be more assertive, insert suggestion/criticism here: _____.

What’s interesting is the way others see us is an illusion that’s based on their own upbringing, biases, desires, and ideas of what would make a “better you.”

No matter whose illusion we try to grasp, wisdom tells us it’s only a vapor. To know our true selves, the strengths, weaknesses, dreams and fears, to be content with not being perfect, nor striving to be, is to let go of that which we will never attain.

Look at the pictures again then throw them to the wind, you weren’t fooling anyone anyway.


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  1. This is so funny yet truthful; i lied once to my pastor upon meeting him for the first time not realizing he had the spirit of discerning working in an awesome way. He didn’t bust me, but when I got to know him more fully I realized that he could have exposed the lie, but being the mature man of God he was, he just nodded and moved on the conversation. I wish I had that level of wisdom:))


  2. Reading this piece, I thought of “Both Sides Now.” Yes, that’s a bit of a stretch. You succeeded in making me think: Do I perpetrate deceptions for others’ benefit? For my own benefit? One of my great struggles since my rebirth is honesty; I long to practice the same genuineness and transparency as did Christ. Thanks, Brian, for the challenge.


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