What Seasons Teach


Today is much cooler than this past weekend.

While Saturday and Sunday temperatures reached almost 50 degrees with brilliant sunshine today’s temp is hovering around freezing. The sun is still bright but the cooler air and wind reminds me it’s still winter.

The last few weeks have been difficult emotionally as we have had to say goodbye to folks we love dearly and who’ve been a part of our lives for the last several years. Many people have asked me if I will be relieved when this trying time is over.

As painful as life can be wisdom teaches us that each season reveals truth about the world and ourselves. To hurry through tough seasons, to not fully experience disappointment, anger, powerlessness, hurt and fear is to be limited. Avoiding pain is to not know pleasure, familiarity with anger helps us recognize peace, hurt teaches appreciation of being healed and fear encourages us to seek that which cannot be threatened.

Each season of life carries with it good and bad, enjoyment and heartache, laughter and tears. We cannot stop the seasons from changing, or how long they last, but we can allow them to teach us what it means to truly be alive.



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  1. Great post; we hate the negative emotions and don’t want to go through them, yet we want completeness. Being complete is feeling, enduring and abiding through it all. Thanks for sharing. W


  2. Reblogged this on vwoods1212 and commented:
    Don’t rush through the changes. Great post.


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