Dumping on Others


A few moments ago I drove to our local dump with a load of refuse. When I arrived there was only one person ahead of me. The problem was the guy wasn’t in any kind of hurry. He moseyed around his truck, picking and choosing from the junk that filled his bed. I’m not sure he noticed the line forming behind him, or if he cared, but when he finally got back into his truck he still didn’t pull forward. Instead he began searching for more trash in his crew cab. He got out and threw more stuff away and crawled into his vehicle again, sat there a while longer and then finally drove away.

I couldn’t help but laugh at my either oblivious or indifferent friend as I quickly disposed of my garbage and pulled away. I have to admit there are times when I’m lost in thought, or can’t muster the energy to care how I inconvenience others, but I try my best to make sure it doesn’t happen often.




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  1. Your description must evoke in many of us similar experiences when we have to wait while others take their time to finish their business. Petrol stations, supermarket queues and post offices provide me with fertile opportunities for frustration.
    Then I move from the city to the mountain village I live in and all this changes. The waiting is often even longer but the experience is totally different since there is no rush to do anything: just being, even being in a queue, is all that life demands. Waiting becomes a moment of peace or of converation, of breathing or listening.
    Yesterday I waited in the doctor’s for 20 mins until she emerged and said she was taking a coffee break, another half an hour. Then a wait in the chemists and half an hour again in the village’s only shop. Each place is a social centre where news is exchanged face to face.
    As I write this I am waiiting for the bell to ring for Mass. The time is flexible since the priest has 5 parishes. This morning someone has died and the church bell rang slowly. The angelus has rung and people are waiting around to see if there will be a Mass before lunch.

    Meanwhile a friend in another village has phoned me to say he has a leak and no water in his house. He, too, is waiting for my village Mass to finish………….


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