Children’s Garden


On my way to a Community Action Board meeting in Centerville, Tennessee this morning I passed the sign pictured above. It is located in an overgrown, mostly dead, unattractive piece of land in the middle of nowhere. 

I arrived early to the meeting and sat in a room waiting for the other members. Pinned to a bulletin board was a piece of paper which read; “Being a Parent Means Loving Your Children More than You Love Yourself.” 

My mind went back to the sign I saw earlier. I wondered who put it there and what their vision of the “Children’s Garden” was originally? What happened? What stopped the seeds from being planted, watered, grown, cultivated, harvested? 

I thought about our world and the world our children, and our children’s children, will grow up in. What happened to giving future generations something better than what we have? What happened to the dream of a brighter tomorrow? Where are the seeds of hope, the light that grows, the love and grace that cultivates, the harvest of peace? 

Maybe if we loved our children more than we love ourselves…




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  1. Yes, a thought provoking sight. A group of children from a nearby ‘special school’ visit our churchyard weekly, they have created their own little garden, with a sign hand crafted by my friend’s husband in amongst the trees. Another group, men and sometimes young women doing Payback time in the community also visit regularly, when the children are on school holidays, the Group on probation will weed and tend their small corner without being asked, because the children made it .. Love often walks amongst disguised


  2. The sign is incredibly sad, a promise broken to our children. It is a condemnation of our intentions.


  3. Ouch. Yes it makes you wonder. I did like this post but couldn’t find the like button to click on.

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