So Many Christians, So Few Lions


Winter has decided to go; “out like a lion.” For the second day in a row the frost was so heavy it crunched under my boots when I took the dogs outside. We turned the heat on inside to chase the cool away and my breath was thick in the morning air. Winter is going reluctantly; scratching, clawing, roaring as it leaves.


In worship today the minister told us a story about a time he and his family visited Washington, DC and found themselves in the midst of a militant atheist rally. Protesters of faith held signs which read; “So Many Christians, So Few Lions.” Ouch.

It’s easy to enumerate the sins, mistakes, wrong turns the church has made in the history of our nation and indeed the world. We talk too much, our egos are too big, we pick fights instead of ending them, scream for our rights while wanting to deny them to others, model hubris not humility, plenteous prayers for personal salvation not many for sacrifice, a willingness to join the next crusade but no desire to carry a cross.

Perhaps a more accurately descriptive sign should’ve read; “So Many Christians, So Little Jesus.”

Today is Palm Sunday. The would be Messiah arrives in the city of Jerusalem amidst the shouts of those who hope he’ll ascend to a throne. By Friday, however, they’ll clamor for his body to hang from a tree and the Lion of Judah complies, laying down his life for the slow witted, fickled, lost sheep.

Maybe the protesters were right… so many Christians, not enough Lions.



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