What was Needed


On my way into the office this morning I noticed a turtle had waddled onto a busy road but hadn’t quite made it to the other side. I knew I had to do something so I stopped, got out of my truck and started to pick it up and carry it to a safer place. As I reached for it, the turtle decided it didn’t like the looks of me and retreated hurriedly into its shell. I didn’t take it personally, however, I knew what I needed to do and moved it from its dangerous location to a nice grassy spot off the road.


As I drove away I thought about my new friend and reflected on times in my life when people have rescued me from dangerous and disastrous places. I wasn’t always appreciative but I’m thankful this didn’t dissuade them from doing what needed to be done.



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  1. Glad you could rescue him. Yes, most of us have been rescued by someone in our lives at one time or another.


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