Eternal Messages in Mortal Bottles


I heard someone mention one of my favorite quotes today;

I do not know always how to please you my Lord, but may my wanting to please you, be pleasing to you.” #ThomasMerton

This quote always brings a sense of peace and a gentle reminder that I am very human and God is not. As creature I am often lost, confused, questioning and justifying. My sense of who I am, what I am here on this planet to do, what my life’s purpose is for a moment, a day, a lifetime can be fickled.

I often wonder if God is as dependent upon our convictions, confirmed callings, and understanding of his “will” as we’d like to believe. We are damaged, distracted and difficult people. Brennan Manning, a recovering alcoholic, says;

“I am an angel with an incredible capacity for beer.”

That God can use us to bring his love and grace to a hate filled and damaged world reveals more about who God is than it does our ability to decipher eternal messages in our mortal bottles.



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