Beneath the Surface


He’s a bear of a man. Tall, thick, hairy. He looks as though he could tear you apart if he wanted to and not break a sweat. He’s part Native American, spent time as a wrestler and a self described jack of all trades and master of a few. Someone once said to me; “I’d hate to wrestle that guy!” I quickly and completely concurred.

I first met him when he helped a group of people unload the moving truck at our new home. A few weeks later he came to our aid when our pipes froze during a severe winter weather event. Today, I was his partner at a Habitat for Humanity build day sponsored by our church. “Partner” in the sense I did what he told me because when it comes to house building, and a lot of other areas of expertise, he’s way out of my league.

To look at this gentleman you might think he’s a tough guy, a man’s man and you’d be right. However, beneath that he’s giving, loves his family and friends, goes antiquing, fixes musical instruments of all types, repairs grandfather clocks. These are just a few of the many surprising and interesting things he can do.

He’s a wonderful reminder that we should always take the time to get beneath the surface, look past outward appearances, never judge a book by its cover. When we don’t dig deeper it is our lives which stay shallow.




About is a place for sojourners walking this spiritual path called life. - Brian Loging,, is lead writer at tWS. He is also a speaker, author, poet.

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