Help and Hope for the Best 


Just outside our backdoor is a large gas tank that provides propane to our house. On the top is a lid that lifts up so the tank can be filled. A few weeks ago a bird decided she would build a nest and hatch her young under this lid. Yesterday I arrived home to find two of the three young birds had fallen out of their nest, unable to get a grip on the smooth round surface and slipped, onto the ground. The mother was flying around, squawking her concern, but had no way to get them back into the nest. 

My wife and I sprang into action, scooping up the young ones and finding a new safe place for them. We took the nest, put it into an old flower pot and gently placed the sparsely feathered birds into their new make-shift home. Then we waited…And waited…And waited. In spite of Beth’s pleas to the “Mama” the mother kept her distance not sure our intentions. As the sun was setting the mom still hadn’t reunited with her “kids”. We hoped for the best and went to bed. This morning we cautiously peered out the back window to see the mom had found the nest, was checking out her new domicile and feeding the babies. 

Being a rescuer, a helper, taking on the burden of trying to save is a big responsibility. There are times we are met with suspicion or even rebuffed in our efforts. In the end we do what we can, wait and hope for the best.





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