Leading or Dragging 


A few years ago I sat in a meeting where a young leader had recently been appointed. He had a lot of great ideas, a grand vision of where our organization needed to go and a list of all the things which needed to be fixed, adjusted, discarded. After his excitable presentation he took a breath and asked us for feedback. 

Several staff members shared their reactions and when my turn came I told a story about my Golden Retriever named Belle. “Since a puppy she’s loved to go for walks. However, she also has a quirk about whomever is walking her not getting too far ahead. As long as you stay close she’ll keep up but if you start going too fast she slows down and if you don’t notice  she’ll lock her front legs and you either decrease your pace, stop or drag her.” 

It was a reminder to him, and to all of us, that change, transition, adjustments to a new way of being can only happen so quickly. Sometimes our enthusiasm, passion to improve and/or assist overwhelms and we’re met with resistance instead of receptivity.

Wisdom helps us know the difference between leading and dragging, walking beside or going forward alone.





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