Hungry for More


Last night I celebrated with one of my Incarcerated Father’s classes as they completed the Spring 2015 course. I told them; “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t be a good man, good father, good partner, a good person. You are what you choose to be, you control your destiny.”

After the teaching portion of the evening I called each of them up and handed them a certificate of completion. I then opened up several boxes of pizza and said; “Have at it!”… and they did. They devoured every slice. For some it had been months, perhaps a year or more since they tasted “real”, outside food and they feasted on and savored it.

Over the last few months I’ve witnessed positive changes, new ways of thinking in these men. They have responded to the encouragement, truth, good news that their lives still count. They have feasted on the hope, encouragement and light of someone speaking words of grace, second chances and light into their often dark worlds. As the class ended and it was time for them to leave the room I shook their hands, looked them in the eyes and said; “Make good choices, be a good man.”

When our lives have been starved of real, authentic goodness even a small taste makes us hunger and desire for more.



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  1. How lovely and very true.


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