Hauling Our Junk Away

Today I was raking up some left over debris from a pile I burned several weeks ago. I had a shovel and a trash can to collect it in. My plan was to then lift the metal trash can onto a trailer that connects to my riding lawn mower and take the ash, soot and unburned pieces to dump in a hole that needs filling.

Everything with my plan worked fine until it was time to move the heavy can. After grunting, sliding and straining I was able to tilt it into trailer….then it hit me… why didn’t I just put the debris directly into the trailer?!?! Oy. There are days when you realize you aren’t as smart as you’d like to think.

As I drove the mower with the left over refuse to the hole I reflected on how we desire to discard the junk from our lives. Even when things go according to plan there’s a lot of struggle involved and many times we look back and realize there was an easier way.

Discarding the unneeded stuff from our lives is vital and necessary. Before we begin, however, we should make sure wisdom and foresight are a part of the plan.




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