Key to Life


The key to life is balance, simplicity and stillness.

In a world that pulls us in many directions it’s hard to find a place of stability. We are challenged, frightened, threatened to choose one form of extremism or another.

I’ve sat among many groups of people complaining about the state of our nation and world. Some folks believe we are doomed, beyond saving, destined for destruction and Armageddon because we’ve lost our way. Others are adamant the way is clear and if we’d just go this certain direction, embrace this set of values, dogma and beliefs all would be set right.

It seems everyone has an opinion about everything and no one seems shy about voicing them. Our passions, beliefs, declarations, litmus tests, demand allegiances and if you’re not for us you’re against us, friend or enemy, on our side or on the wrong side.

Rare is the person who chooses to quietly live a life of balance and peace. One who isn’t possessed by the raging desire to speak loudly of his belief but to live simply, wisely and let their life be their testimony.




About is a place for sojourners walking this spiritual path called life. - Brian Loging,, is lead writer at tWS. He is also a speaker, author, poet.

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  1. it’s very easy to talk about what someone else should be doing to put it all to rights – it feels like an act of vindication, of self importance. But as you say – to live it is much more useful. To be the change, to enact what you value. if we wait for leaders to tell us what to do to fix things, we will be waiting a long time! The only question to ask, for me, in terms of things political and environmental is, what can I do? Sometimes the answer is ‘not much’ but if we all did that ‘not much’ when the opportunity arose, the results would be enormous.

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    • Blessings and thank you for reading and posting such a well written comment. Your comment made me think of a quote by Mother Teresa; “I can do nothing great, only small things with great kindness.” Grace and peace.


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