A Sudden Stop 

My grass mowing yesterday came to a sudden and painful stop!
A few weeks ago I had tried to remove some unsightly bushes and was able to dig up almost all of them but a stubborn, rather large stump, refused to go. I sawed off as much as I could and hoped to get back to it at another time. I made a mental note to mow around it but had managed to erase it from my mind.

Lost in thought…”WHAM!” the deck of the lawn tractor hit the stump and I lurched forward, banging my knee, stomach and wrenching my neck. At first I had no idea what happened but then I realized that concealed under the grass was that unseen roadblock. OW! After making sure there were no broken bones I put the mower in reverse, navigated around it and began mowing again.

While shaking off the sudden stop I reflected upon those whose lives are affected by depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar, other mental health illnesses, and how quickly their personal journeys can be brought to a stop. They are moving along when an unforseen obstacle in their path brings their lives to a painful and confusing impasse. Most times, for those with hidden struggles, there is no warning and the downward spiral is debilitating and disheartening.

People who live with these illnesses, and the ones who love them, it’s important they remember that the way forward may be impeded, the world may come to a sudden stop but support, understanding and acceptance will never cease from those who care and love them most.


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