On Death and Meatloaf

Last night my wife made a delicious, mouth-watering, sumptuous meatloaf. It was wonderful! It’s one of my favorite dishes and she makes it just the way I like it. It was so good we began planning on how we’d eat the leftovers before we went to bed. Maybe with dinner rolls one night, meatloaf sandwiches for lunch? We had our meals set for the next few days.

However, when we the alarm went off this morning, and we stumbled into the kitchen to make our coffee, we made a horrible discovery! After washing the dishes, cleaning up the kitchen, putting (almost) everything in its proper place we forgot one thing…the meatloaf. Somehow we’d missed it and on the counter it sat, all…night…long. We couldn’t take the chance it hadn’t spoiled and so, with sadness in our hearts and stomachs, we threw it away. “Oy!”

Included in my Facebook notifications today, under the; “On This Day” memory and nostalgia page section, was a link to an article I wrote last year only a few days after my friend Mary had died. It was entitled; “Lumped Together, Fading Away.” As I read back over the post a portion resonated in my spirit;

“Wisdom tells us that everything, if we are willing to see, bears witness to the transience of this mortal life. All is constant change, everything is fading, dying, dissolving into nothingness. It is a truth inescapable. To accept this, one of wisdom’s greatest lessons, is the key to appreciating, and fully living in, each moment this ever so brief life has to offer.”

I thought about Mary and I thought about meatloaf. Life isn’t lived tomorrow. We are only given the present moment. If we’re too busy thinking/planning ahead we’ll miss feasting on what life offers today.




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  1. I love meatloaf, also the way you weave that into something deep and useful.


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