Purity of Our Intentions


It’s hot today! The meteorologist forecasted the heat index to be well over one hundred degrees so this morning I got an early start on the weed eating chore which needed to be done.

The grass was still heavy with dew as I cut down the overgrowth next to the house and around trees. As I worked one space next to our fire pit I spied a June bug soaking in the sun. Earlier this week I wrote a post about what these herbivores had done to a young tree in our backyard.

The temptation to take a swipe at this insect swept over me. In spite of my contemplative lifestyle, spiritual disciplines, being a Benedictine Oblate and the belief that when we seek to hurt any creature purposefully we are also harming ourselves, the desire was still very real. I resisted the urge and eventually it moved on.

Wisdom teaches us that revenge never brings peace nor restores that which we have lost. An integral part of forgiveness is refusing to inflict suffering on one whom has brought pain into our lives. It is the recognition that revenge takes the one thing that cannot be stolen…the purity of our intentions.




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