The Wrong Label

Monday evening I was asked by someone dealing with a hardship in their recent past; “How do I get to the point where I can get over this bad experience? When will the hurt feelings go away, the trauma of what was done to me?” I responded; “When you’re able to cease labeling events as; “good or bad”, “right or wrong”, “positive or negative.” It’s when we learn to receive what comes into our lives without branding it with our opinions, limited understanding and pre-conceived notions will we know contentment.

Too often, when experiences and events happen to us, we allow our upbringing, worldview, preferences and biases to color our vision of what happens. We then place a label on what has occurred and this becomes the filter by which we assess our life. When what we think “should” happen, what we would label as fair, just, good and positive occurs we are happy. When what we’d label as cruel, unjust, bad and negative we become miserable.

There are “good” things which have happened to us which we did not use to bless or help others and took them for granted. “Bad” occurrences crashed into our lives and taught us lessons perhaps not learned in any other way.

Wisdom teaches us to simply receive all that life has to offer. Pain and hurt are neither wicked or evil just as joy and ecstasy are not always sacred. In each event, every moment, there are lessons to be learned, love to be found, grace to be given.




About is a place for sojourners walking this spiritual path called life. - Brian Loging,, is lead writer at tWS. He is also a speaker, author, poet.

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