Lost in the Now


The last couple of weeks have been rough on our yard.  First there’s been a lack of rain and  secondly many holes have begun to appear. Small ones, about two inches deep, in various places throughout our property. I thought perhaps it was a a mole or a squirrel but couldn’t be certain.

This morning some long needed rain fell on our thirsty lawn and when I arrived home this afternoon I discovered an armadillo tearing up the front yard looking for grubs.  This prehistoric looking varmint, face buried in the ground, was zigzagging it’s way under a large Oak tree. I watched it for a long time, hypnotized by its flexible armor, long snake like tail, and stubby face with large snout. Finally, I had enough of it trashing my grass and honked the horn of my truck hoping to scare it away. Nothing.  I rolled down the window and yelled at it. Nada. It was so busy searching, digging, and eating it didn’t realize nor care about my existence. As a last resort I opened and then slammed the truck door. It popped up, glanced around and began its feeding ritual again. We repeated our game a few more times and then tiring of it he scurried away.

I was amused and perplexed by this ancient creature. I also admired it. Wisdom teaches us to be fully in the moment, fixed and focused on the now.  Maybe I’ve just found a new mascot.



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