Why I’ll Miss Jon Stewart


Jon Stewart, comedian, actor and host of the “The Daily Show” for the past seventeen years retired Thursday evening.

Depending upon your political persuasion, and sense of humor, you either loved or loathed him, cheered or teared up when he signed off for the last time.

I’ve been a Daily Show fan for many years. No doubt Stewart could be crude, crass and condescending. His scathing satire coupled with his over the top antics and use of “adult” language didn’t just skirt the line of good taste and sensibility but, at times, crossed over it with gusto!

There were many cringe worthy moments and several change the channel instances, when I wondered; “what was he thinking?!?! Why did he have to take it that far?” Jon could never be accused of not expressing what he felt, telling it like it is, at least from his point of view.

What I liked most about Jon Stewart was his willingness to remind an all too serious world to lighten up. He went after personalities, corporations, media entities, government, and especially politicians, holding them accountable for much of the fear, suspicion and hate that dominates our lives. He relished walking up to the biggest bully, flicking them in the nose and daring them to do something about it.

I didn’t agree with Stewart on everything. There are some political issues, philosophy of life and theological viewpoints where we vary greatly. However, in a chaotic and mad world sometimes we need someone who’ll call it what it is; “bat ______ crazy!”

Humor, like taste, is individualistic but it can be a powerful way of pointing out the insanity that surrounds us. Perhaps it might also help us find some sanity within. For that and his willingness to try and change our world with a smile; “God’s speed Jon Stewart and thank you.




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