A Different Way of Thinking 

My neighbor is a proud owner of a new, zero turn lawn mower. He showed it off on Saturday by driving it over to our house and asking me if I wanted to take it for a spin. Truth be told I didn’t want to because of the fear of damaging it in some way. He assured me the warranty was iron clad.

The steering levers were hard to get used to even after he instructed me on their use. To turn left you pushed the right lever forward and vice versa. To go forward you pushed both levers simultaneously and to go in reverse you pulled them backwards. To stop you simply let go.

The going was slow as I tried my best to rewire my brain and orientation from my Craftsman traditional mower with a steering wheel to thinking in a different, almost opposite way to move, maneuver and mow. Someone could have made a lot of money video recording my confused and disjointed attempt to cut just a small section of grass. 

Finally I finished and returned my friend’s prized possession. Telling him thanks I hopped back on my comfortable mower and breathed a sigh of relief.

Learning a new way to do things, a different way to think can be challenging and frightening but what’s more scary is not being willing to try.


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