Move to the Rhythm

It’s happening quickly. I noticed it mowing the faded green grass this week, the brownish leaves which are beginning to descend on the driveway, the sun setting earlier each evening. Summer is coming to an end. It is the middle of August and in a few weeks we will welcome fall.

Beth told me last night that according to meteorologists we are in for an unseasonably cool winter. Seasons never stop to ask permission to come they just force their way in without care or thought to how we feel or which we’d prefer.

I responded to another author this morning who wrote a reflective article on dealing with simplicity and the importance of appreciating what we have instead of being obsessed with replacing the old and familiar with something new.

I said; “The rhythms of life are important to a mindful, simple and monastic life style. It’s why monastics and oblates try to pray the Psalms, rise, eat, work, read at certain times, do the same thing, in the same way. It’s about being able to sense life as more than the passing of time but as a way to be in tune with the heartbeat of God… 

The Rule of Saint Benedict instructs that each monk be given a tunic for winter, summer, paper and a writing utensil, a bed for sleep. No gifts unless approved by the Abbott. They share meals, only a small allotment of drink. Saint Benedict believed the less we possessed, the more God could possess our hearts, minds, spirits. As oblates we try our best to honor this simple, stable, satisfying way of life.

So many times we are too busy, too hectic in our lives. We miss the signs of seasons changing; the warm sun retreating and nature preparing for winter’s embrace. We lose our awareness that life has a pattern, is never stagnant, always moving, transitioning.

There are many distractions of our divided attention. Simplicity, mindfulness, awareness are not primarily about being wary of material things but ensuring our spirits are not dulled by them and are instead attuned to the rhythm of time and seasons, the pulse of nature, which reveals the heartbeat of God.




About is a place for sojourners walking this spiritual path called life. - Brian Loging,, is lead writer at tWS. He is also a speaker, author, poet.

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  1. Brian, this is beautiful. Sometimes we forget the simple things, the things that remind us of God’s creation instead of man’s. Lovely reminder to step back and take the time to breathe in His sweet fragrance.

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  2. great lesson pastor b but tell miss beth its going to be a nice warm winter. blessings to you both.

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