When the Wind Blows

This morning I sat on a bench under a large tree in my backyard reading and praying the Psalms. As I reflected upon them a storm front began moving through our area. Thunder rolled and the wind began blowing. I considered going inside but waited, enjoying the stiff breeze, to see if any rain would fall.

“Yet God, being compassionate, forgives us, restrains his anger toward us, and doesn’t let it get the best of him. He remembers that we are but flesh, a wind that passes and does not come again.” Psalm 78,v38-39

Not long after reading this portion of scripture the wind died down and the skies partially cleared. What was once a lot of sound and fury quickly dissipated with nothing to show for its bluster and posturing.

I thought about the truth of this Psalm and how our lives are; “a wind that passes and does not come again.” I’m 44 but I’ve felt my age, perhaps even older, the last several weeks. I connected with a friend yesterday I haven’t seen in 10 years and it doesn’t seem possible its been that long.

After soaking in the Psalms I read a selection from the Rule of Saint Benedict on humility. One of the key tenets of Benedictine Oblate and Monastic life is accepting who we are; our shallowness, selfishness and sinfulness. Benedict believed, and I concur, that when we become self-aware of our weakness and need, we are far less likely to judge and condemn others while also becoming more capable of authentic grace and love for all, including ourselves.

The wind which bowed low the cattails and bent tree limbs decreased, the gray clouds blew away and once again I accepted a life which is quickly fading.

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