Into Every Life…

This morning I awoke to the beautiful sound of rain drops pitter, pattering on the roof.

It’s been an incredibly dry summer. Several times over the last few weeks the skies threatened to open up and give what was so desperately needed only to mockingly, slowly pass by. The puddles on the ground when I went outside suggested the rain had been falling for a while and the thick humid air suggested it might stick around. As Beth was getting ready for work I stood in front of our window, pulled back the curtain and for a few moments soaked in the beauty of a rainy, stormy, Monday.

Last week, while working in the yard, I couldn’t help but notice the cracked, parched ground. The dust and dry, dying grass choked me as I searched for the few areas that needed mowing. I walked around the yard with the sound of already fallen, dead, leaves crunching under my feet. The withered, rustling limbs on the trees echoed nature’s thirst for life giving, sustaining water.

As I watched the rainwater cover the ground, fill the cracks, settle on and satiate the blades of grass, petals of flowers, shriveled fruits and vegetables I reflected on the need for slow, rainy, seasons in our personal lives. The chaos and rush of everyday living has a way of draining us dry, leaving us empty, sucking the energy, passion and mindfulness out of our bodies, emotions, minds and souls.

To have those times when recovery and renewal settle upon and satiate us is a must. Unfortunately, we often pass by these opportunities and miss meeting the desperate needs of our spirits.

“Into every life a little rain must fall.” …a blessing we should be careful not to miss.

Grace and peace,



About is a place for sojourners walking this spiritual path called life. - Brian Loging,, is lead writer at tWS. He is also a speaker, author, poet.

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