A Priceless Gift?


This morning the Mrs. and I woke up early and decided to go to a few garage/yard sales in the area. 

At one stop there was a lady sitting under her carport selling a few belongings of her husband who recently passed away. One of the items was a large tote with wires, extension cords, an electronic timer and a host of computer cables. The tote was worth the asking price and after we purchased it I placed in the back of the truck and began to rummage through it. 

While mentally cataloging the contents I came across a bank bag. I showed it to Beth and asked her to return it to the woman. However, I couldn’t resist the urge to open it first as visions of rare coins, old documents, valuable collectors items danced through my mind. Instead it was a few quarters and piece of paper. I zipped it up and handed it to Beth who took it back to the woman.

When Beth returned she said; “I’m glad we did that, the document in the bank bag, was her husband’s birth certificate.” We both smiled and wondered what she would do with a piece of paper, useless and meaningless to us, but not to a wife who missed her husband and children who missed their dad.

Part of the thrill of going to garage/yard sales, auctions, storage unit bidding wars and such, is the possibility you might discover, and own, something of great worth. Today, however, we were able to give away what might have been for this widow a priceless find.

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