Wasteful Abundance


You get to the point where it has to be done though you’ve put it off as long as possible… cleaning out the refrigerator.

My wife and I try to be careful not to waste food. We attempt to fix meals in portion sizes for the two of us, freeze what we can, eat left overs for lunches, snacks, even another dinner if needed but sometimes there’s still too much. Containers of forgotten vegetables, misplaced meats, desserts behind milk cartons, add up to an overstuffed and messy fridge.

Finally, after one more item can’t be squeezed onto a shelf, balanced on top of a Tupperware holder, there’s no choice but to begin the dreaded chore. Some foods, covered with tin foil in a glass dish are easy to recognize, others in solid colored containers with lids are a wild guess until you look inside. It’s a bit like being Indiana Jones on an archeological adventure. Afterwards, the refrigerator is organized, clean and, regrettably, ready to start the whole process over again.

I on the other hand feel a great sense of guilt and shame because I know there’s people going hungry, scavenging in dumpsters for scraps, dying from malnutrition and we have so much we’re throwing it away. Sigh. We live in an unfair world. 

Wisdom and grace teach us not to just feel empathy for those less fortunate.  We are to do everything we can, give away all we can, and never stop trying to make this a more fair and just world. We’re also to be continuously thankful for the abundant blessings bestowed upon us who are not worthy.




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  1. I don’t have a fridge – I earned to do without one while living on a narrowboat. I have a cool box, and I buy little and often, and it’s very rare that I get any food waste at all. I think supermarkets discourage us from keeping a proper relationship between what we buy and what we’re going to eat – it pays them to do so, but every penny saved from not buying what’s not needed, can be spent on better things. it’s not an easy choice, but I can recommend it. A smaller fridge is a safer, easier step that way, and the whole process can be surprisingly liberating. And, I never, ever have to do the job you’re describing!

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