Still Chained

Our Siberian Husky does not like to be chained in the yard. He’ll sniff around for a bit, perhaps do some “business”, but not long after you leave him alone he’s ready to either come inside or run around the yard with one of us outside with him.

To let us know he’s reached his limit he’ll begin to howl and yap but if this isn’t enough to convince us he then stretches the chain as far as he can and starts scratching, clawing and through sheer effort trying to break free. I come back out from inside the house yelling at him; “you’ve only been out here 5 minutes!” but to him it’s been an eternity. When I unhook him he runs like it’s a prison break!

Beth had recently bought another chain and yesterday I added it to Trooper’s previous one. I then walked him around showing him how much more room he now had to roam. I was hoping with more yard to investigate he’d be willing to stay outside a bit longer. No dice. He immediately trotted after me and, when he could go no further, begin to howl.

I was frustrated for a moment but then thought about it from his point of view. He’s still chained. He’s not free. What’s an extra ten feet when there are acres to explore, play and chase things? Sure the chain was longer but it still wasn’t freedom. He was alone and limited. What fun is that?

So, I let him go and together we enjoyed what can only be found in freedom and sharing our journey with another.

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  1. Is there some reason why he has to be chained? I’m glad you let him have his freedom. He may have panic issues when he can’t get rid of the chain.

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    • We only put him outside, on his chain, when we are getting ready in the morning or if company comes over and he gets too excited.

      Most of the time we are outside with him or he’s in the house with us. We are hoping to have a fence put in as soon as budget allows.

      He’s a great dog so we’re trying to find a solution. Obviously it’s not more chain. 🙂


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