A Closer Look


Earlier this week the non-profit organization I work for, of which the Fatherhood Engagement program is a part of, had its yearly review.

A representative from Washington, DC came to Columbia, TN to check us out. It was an audit of everything from finances to program implementation to staff efficiency and competency.

Key members of the team, including myself, had to give formal presentations explaining what we were doing, why we’re doing it and the impact we’re making. There were questions asked, suggestions for improvement made and at the end of the week a summary and evaluation of our program’s effectiveness for reaching families who live in South Central, Tennessee was given.

I am pleased to say everything went well and the team received high marks for leadership, staff versatility and our program’s overall productivity and success. We’re not perfect but progressing very well. After the federal examiner left, the staff breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Being held accountable is not easy. Having your program, job skills, family, personal life put under a microscope isn’t easy. Wisdom, however, teaches us that it’s necessary. Truthfully, all of us are capable of deceiving ourselves. Our egos generate excuses, escapes and excellent ways to push the blame onto something or someone else.

Self awareness and examination is difficult. To allow others to help us see what we do well and where we need to improve takes a willingness to be vulnerable. When areas of weakness, shallowness, selfishness or sinfulness are found we are challenged to accept what has been revealed and change what is possible.

Perfection isn’t an option but perception and progression is the way forward.



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  1. Hi Bryan,
    How are you and your wife doing. I am enjoying your thoughts – keep up the good work.
    You are in Tennessee, is this where your home is? What is the weather and the countryside like in your area. Sure has been hot up here in the Brickerville, Lititz, PA area.
    Take care and keep up the good job.
    Mary Lynn Yoder


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