Slowly Moving On


This afternoon I’ve been moving boxes out of rooms in our house into the cabin/shed which was delivered a few weeks ago. We are ready to start remodeling the house now that we have somewhere to put our excess stuff. If you would’ve told me that there’d still be unpacked boxes in almost every room of our house nearly ten months after we moved in I probably would have had a big garage sale the day after the moving truck left.

As I moved them I peeked into a few and the items brought back memories. Some were pleasant and others not so much. I came across a book that belonged to my dear friend Mary who passed away last year. Another item reminded me of a situation which didn’t end well. Other trinkets made me smile.

I reflected upon how long it can take to move on from the past. Lost loved ones, painful past events, fractured relationships, emotions we don’t want to deal with get boxed up and put into areas of our minds, emotions and spirits. We leave them there learning to step over, avoid, and try to get used to them being in the way.

The problem is sooner or later we have to deal with these boxes from the past or they’ll keep taking up space, cluttering our lives and preventing us from moving on, fixing what’s needs repairing and living fully in the present.

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