Go Back to Let Go


Our Siberian Husky, Trooper, is always ready to go outside, move, run, play, do something!

This morning, as usual, when I came into the kitchen to take him out he was already standing, tail wagging and tugging on his leash. I reached to unhook his leash but because of his excitement and anticipation to get moving he was pulling it so tight I couldn’t unhook it. “Trooper, honey, you’ve got to go back so I can let you go.” He took a couple of reverse steps, I released him, opened the door and he went bounding into a new day.

I had a conversation with a friend earlier this week who’s had a tough life. There are many issues as a grown man he is still dealing with which stem from events in his past. During our conversation he said; “I’d like to move on with my life but I’m stuck in a cycle of bad choices and worse consequences. I don’t know how to move forward.” I lovingly replied; “Trust me. I’m speaking from personal experience. If you don’t deal with what has happened, come to grips with your pain, betrayal and loss, you won’t be able to let go and move on.

As I washed dishes this morning I thought about Trooper, my friend and myself. Wisdom teaches us to live in each present moment, to flow and exist in the rhythm of our lives. However, this isn’t possible if we have not acknowledged and accepted the events, trauma, joy, hurts, people, situations, decisions we’ve made and were made for us, that have made us into who and what we are today.

When we come to grips with how we are molded by the past we can then choose to presently be reshaped by grace, love, forgiveness and peace. Only when we go back, can we let go and move forward.

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