A Better Door


This morning I was heading outside to retrieve the dogs from their morning ritual.

The back storm door, from which I exited, has a hook attached in such a way that sometimes instead of falling down when it’s taken out of the eye bolt, it gets stuck in the upright position.

Apparently, this is what happened this morning and when the door shut behind me the hook fell at just the right angle to lock itself back. When we returned I tried to open it, several times in several ways, with no luck. The pooches and I we’re stuck. Finally, I decided to rap on the bedroom window where my wife was still sleeping. Graciously, she let me in through the front door and didn’t even ask for an explanation. (Things like this happen to me regularly and getting back in bed was more important to her than my story.)

As I shook my head, thinking; “What are the odds?” I also reflected on other times in my life when doors have been shut, locked and no matter what I tried couldn’t be opened. Places I wanted to go, positions I longed to occupy, higher levels I sought to attain but the doors to many of these were closed with no way in and I had to make a choice…

Do I figure out how to force them open or seek help to find another door, a better door which another had graciously opened?

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  1. Good thought, Wannabe! Sometimes we get our own selves shut out, as in the case of your gate latch, unintentionally or not, and sometimes the doors shut due to outside forces, God or others. Either means, the first reaction I have is anger. I don’t like being “rejected”. But it’s not rejection. It’s a learning experience, or being told there’s a better place to be right now, or there’s someone to meet who needs me or whom I need. Curiosity should be the first reaction, not anger. I must think on this more. 🙂

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