Fixing the Mess


Wednesday I wrote about my encounter with a farmer and his tractor. Last night he returned to finish what he’s been working on all week.  He had attached a hay baler and it was awesome!

He started on one end of the field and began simply driving over the dried hay laying on the ground. As he did the hay baler picked up the scattered straw, collected it and when it could hold no more spit out a round bale of hay. What was not long ago several acres of mess was soon a plethora of organized, useful hay.

As I watched the him work I reflected on how life would be much easier if we had a machine that could take all the messes in our world, including myself, organize, straighten, fix and pop out something useful. Unfortunately, this magical device hasn’t been invented yet.

So, I guess random and overly generous acts of kindness, reckless and abundant grace, non-judgemental and radical acceptance, along with limitless love of all, including ourselves, will have to be our way of taking this mess of a world and trying to make it better.

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