Intent to Harm

My wife was verbally assaulted last week. I’m not sure she’d use those words but someone certainly chewed her up one side and down the other. It was bad enough that when she finished telling me the story, I asked if she was okay and she began to cry. There’s nothing harder for a husband when the woman he loves is hurting and there’s nothing to do but hold her.

I won’t describe the whole situation but the most perplexing comments the woman made to Beth were; “are you a Christian?!?! You need to go to church! Aren’t you going to say; ‘you’re sorry?!?!’ You still haven’t apologized! You need to apologize to me!‘” The woman went on and on. Beth told me; “I couldn’t apologize because she wouldn’t stop berating me.”

I confess I was frustrated. As I reflected on my negative feelings three thoughts echoed in my mind and spirit…

The first was the way people treat each other; unaware or unconcerned with how their words and actions affect the feelings and well-being of others.

The second was the question; “Are you a Christian?” being asked by a belligerent, judgmental person who apparently goes to church and is a Christ follower. I can’t help but wonder how many believers present an un-Christ like image while holding others to a higher standard or worse, never realizing the distance between their lives and their testimony.

Lastly, when we expect, demand, try and force an apology it shows a lack of humility, empathy and understanding of grace.

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  1. Horrible. So lacking in grace, kindness and love. When we approach people in anger, all we harvest is anger. I feel sad not only for your wife, but those around who missed an opportunity to see the light of Jesus.


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