Don’t Give Up Doing Good

One of my biggest driving pet peeves are folks pulling out in front of me and then going slow. I become especially agitated at the ones who do it when it’s dangerous or no traffic behind me. Argh!

Yesterday, after a meeting with a client, I was headed to the office and pulled onto a busy two lane road. Out of no where a silver sports car came into view going much faster than I intended to go. I could tell they had to slow down drastically by how close their vehicle was to my bumper. Being sensitive to how annoying this can be I found a safe place to pull over so the driver could pass. I waited and waited. The driver slowed down and crept pass my truck and when she could see into my passenger window she glared at me as she went around. Yikes! I wasn’t sure what I’d done or not done. Perhaps the woman thought I was upset, being passive aggressive or that I was going to ride her bumper for revenge. Not sure her motive in taking such a long time but finally she sped away.

It was a reminder that even good intentions can be perceived as bad form. What we do to be polite, helpful, supportive can be interpreted as unthinking, manipulative, undermining or interfering.

We have no control as to how our words and actions will be judged by others we must simply, as Saint Paul says in his letter to a church in Galatia;

“Do not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing this one…I’ve discovered the same thing, but could never put it into words! May I have permission to put parts of this into our church bulletin?


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