Looking Over My Shoulder


Last night I was building a wall for my workshop.  The sun had set and the cool evening air was settling in.  I began to clean up to go inside and eat dinner when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I looked closer and sure enough there was a small snake laying on the corner of a door post (pictured above).  I have no idea how it got up there or how long it had been looking over my shoulder but once I knew it was there I couldn’t forget it’s presence. I removed it from its resting place and took it to a place much further from the house.

I’ve thought about the snake many times today.  Any time my peripheral vision has caught a leaf blowing or I’ve brushed up against an object my reaction is to quickly react and make sure there aren’t any other “visitors” watching over me.

It’s a perfect fall day. There are countless beautiful sights to behold and crisp air to inhale. However, instead of being blessed I am being cautious. I’ve been too busy looking over my shoulder, too busy being distracted to see the life in front of me.

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