Crashing Down


The first blast of winter’s cold air is arriving this weekend. I can tell preparations for the weather front are in full swing because our house foyer looks like an arboretum.

I spent most of the day framing and installing a door and storm door for an outside breezeway attached to the workshop. I’d like to ensure it will be as warm as possible before winter arrives and decides to stay.

I had the framing done and was putting the storm door in place. As I positioned it I reflected on the blessing it would be to have an extra layer of protection for the storms of life. An extra security measure just in case. The door was perfectly placed when I remembered a tool which was laying on the work bench. I went to grab it and then heard a loud crash! I was only gone five seconds but knew immediately what the sound meant. I had positioned the storm door but had not secured it. A gust of wind had swept through the breezeway and knocked the door to the ground shattering the protective glass. Ugh!

At first I was frustrated with myself for being such a bone head! However, as the irritation dissipated I was reminded of the truth that life offers no guaranteed protections. Things and people we put our faith in will fail us. Disasters, trauma, troubles and difficulties blow into our worlds and send our securities and comforts crashing down all around us.

I picked up the broken glass, put the door back in place and even found another pane to replace the one which was shattered.

Similarly when we face the storms of life we know nothing is permanent, all is passing away. When our world crashes we pick up the broken pieces, keep pursuing our purpose and know that what once was may be lost but there will always be new life to find.

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