Focus and Adjust 

There’s a secret to hammering a nail; focus and adjusting.

I spent most of the day working on a project that required nailing boards to frames, frames to walls and hoping those walls stayed up when I was done. I’m not sure how many nails I hammered but it seemed like thousands.

Nails have ways of doing the unexpected. What should be a simple job becomes complicated when the nail hits a knot in the wood, bends for no reason or refuses to go into the wood just to be obstinate.

The key to not giving up is keeping a close eye on the nail, not getting distracted, focusing on the task at hand. The second is to adjust to the nail’s behavior. If it begins to bend, alter the way you are striking it. If it stops going in, try another spot. If it becomes useless, throw it away and start over.

Life is similar. Often what seems simple, normal, predictable turns out to be anything but. Instead of focusing on what needs to be done we look for someone or something to blame. We try and fix the problem, get everything in place and worked out but our efforts are thwarted, our words and actions seem bent and useless.

It is in these times we must remember to keep the eyes of our minds and spirits not on what has changed but on what never does. We must trust, adjust and know that starting over, embracing a new normal can be the best possible solution.

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