Even When the Light Fades


Daylight savings time is wreaking havoc on me and my sleep cycle. I have yet to get used to the sun coming up before 6 00AM and disappearing by 600PM. I relate very much with the woman in the cartoon below.


Each morning this week I’ve been waking up an hour or so earlier than needed. About four o’clock AM my eyes pop open and though I do my best to quiet my thoughts and still my mind I can’t get back to sleep. Concerned that I’ll wake Beth I get out of the bed and go lay on the couch. Some people can take advantage of an extra hour in the morning but my brain doesn’t quite work that early. I also don’t enjoy driving home from work after dark. I’d like to be able to take a walk and clear my mind from the busyness of the day, however, because there’s not many street lights in our area I’d also rather not trip or fall in a hole.

Of course there’s nothing I can do about daylight savings time and winter fast approaching. I realize that in spite of my objections it’s going to be getting darker even earlier the next six weeks before the days start growing longer again.

Changing seasons are always a good reminder that we have little control over most things. In our lives there are times when light is in short supply, darkness seems to be winning and we must endure and accept our powerlessness.

This doesn’t mean we give up it simply means we remember that everything changes, all is in transition, and nothing lasts forever.

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