See the Difference


I raked the yard yesterday although it’s not very evident this morning. There’s a large oak tree which sits near our house. It’s beautiful in the summer but in the fall, when the leaves begin to drop, the yard becomes covered in a blanket of brown. I’d estimate the tree is two-thirds empty which means more mess to clean up in the near future. Yesterday I spent almost 3 hours raking, trying to make the yard look nice but more leaves were falling even as I removed their comrades. Today I’m having a hard time seeing the value in my work.

Life can be discouraging when you try hard and yet not much changes. When battles we’re fighting, difficulties we’re attempting to overcome, diseases and habits we’re trying to defeat, bringing order to our lives when chaos covers them in a blanket of mess. requires a lot of energy with little to show for it.

This doesn’t mean we quit trying it means we recognize life is hard work. We do our best with our best and hope one day we’ll be able to see the difference.

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