What is Greater?


My wife and I had trouble getting going this morning. We didn’t get up late we just became distracted by many things and before we knew it time was not on our side. It went from a lazy, relaxed Sunday morning to chaotic, hectic, get ready for worship service as fast as possible! Jumping in the shower, throwing on clothes, rushing out the door and peeling out the driveway.

What made the pressure even more intense was I’d been asked to help serve communion. There was a real concern that there would be a missing server when they were called forward. We tried estimating how many miles to go, how much time until we arrived and what point of the service they would be in when we did.

We pulled into the parking lot, hopefully on all four wheels, and found the closest spot.  Beth exclaimed; “Don’t wait for me, go!” I grabbed my Bible made a bee line to the main building, entered and heard the singing, slipped in next to the lead pastor and tried to catch my breath. The song was on its last course, ended, and the pastor walked up to begin the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. We had barely made it!

A few moments later the requested servers were called forward. My mind still racing, I stood next to the table with the elements, looked them over and was reminded of the meaning of the bread and the juice. I closed my eyes, exhaled and my anxiety melted away. I listened to the pastor’s prayer and then began to distribute the “body and the blood” to grateful and sincere believers, sinners and seekers.

I was thankful for being on time (barely), for good news that is not affected by a clock or a slow moving married couple and a grace that is greater.

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  1. Brian, sounds like just the opposite of my Sunday morning. Glad you were able to focus on the important thing.


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