Step Outside

It’s been a long day and I am worn out. Partially, I’m whooped because my wife had outpatient surgery today and I spent almost twelve hours in the hospital. The stress of loved ones lives being in another’s hands is intense. Thankfully everything went well and she is home recovering.

The second reason for being exhausted is because I got lost. I didn’t lose my way going to the hospital, getting my wife to the admissions desk or finding her in the Recovery department. Nope I became lost trying to find my car to retrieve the Mrs. when she was discharged. I didn’t realize there were three parking garages connected to this large medical center. As I searched in vain in the first two structures for our little Honda CRV I was growing more confused and frustrated. Finally, after looking over the second with nothing to show for it, I decided to get to the bottom floor, exit and get a better view. I was then able to see the correct garage and I found the car.

Wisdom tells us that sometimes to figure out where you need to go you have to get to the bottom of things. To achieve the best view of life you need to step outside of your current location and walk in a different direction.

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  1. Another one, well said! Yep, I’ve found this out, too, but it’s easy to forget.


  2. Praying that all is well with the Mrs. and glad you found your way, friend. Blessings.


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