Whether They Want It or Not


On my way into the office this morning I was driving down a country highway which has a steep hill and a reputation of police officers often being hidden at the top. It’s a well earned reputation, just ask my wife who received a speeding ticket at that location a few months ago.

As I approached the hill an old red Chevy pickup truck came zooming up behind me. Taking me by surprise I took a breath and maintained my speed. In spite of his hurry I wasn’t taking the chance on being pulled over by a law enforcement official waiting just over summit. I topped the crest and wouldn’t you know it? There was a police officer waiting for speeders. Out loud I said to the driver behind me; “See? I saved you from a speeding ticket mister! So slow it down, would ya?” I’m not sure he realized his fortune travelling behind me but that didn’t really matter.

At the next stop sign we parted ways and I reflected on those times I ended up behind someone on the road of  life who slowed me down, made me wait, stopped me from charging ahead with impulsiveness and conviction. It was because of these steady, patient and wise people that I avoided difficult, painful and possibly life altering situations.

In life, slowing down, whether we want to or not, can be a hidden blessing. Wisdom will enable us to recognize it.

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